XL TriFit - Beginner Triathlon Program 12 Weeks to Exceptional Fitness

XL TriFit – The Complete Beginner Triathlon Training Program 

Starting at Just $139

XL TriFit is a 12 week lifestyle program designed to guide absolute beginners to develop a sustainable foundation of triathlon fitness, healthy nutrition habits, and daily mindfulness practices. 

The weekly guided protocol is specifically catered to the beginner, and will help lead the athlete to achieve the following:

  • Couch to sprint triathlon in 12 weeks!
  • Greater energy and productivity.
  • Basic understanding of proper nutrition and fitness.
  • Greater Confidence
  • Be prepared to begin training for other endurance challenges, such as long distance triathlons!

XL TriFit Beginner Triathlon Program

Just $139

12 Week Triathlon Training Plan
Weekly Nutrition Guidance
Video Tips and Sustainable Fitness Education
Strength Training
Daily Guided Meditation
and More!

Idle to IRON Beginner Ironman Training Plan

Just $199

 Your Complete Beginner Ironman Training Package
The Complete XL TriFit Beginner Program
Plus a 6 Month Beginner Ironman Training Plan
Ironman Training and Racing Strategy
Ironman Specific Strength Training

How XL TriFit Works

  • Two paths to choose from:
    • XL TriFit Base – For the absolute beginner – Build up to a Sprint Triathlon in 12 weeks!
    • XL TriFit Plus – For those with some experience – Build up to an Olympic distance Triathlon in 12 weeks!
  • Login to see your plan
  • Read the weekly nutrition guidance and focus topic
  • Watch the video for the day (if available)
  • Practice the meditation for the day
  • Do the workouts for the day, and take it EASY!
  • After 12 weeks of consistent training, you will be fitter and healthier than you’ve ever been!

Easy, Aerobic Workouts

One of the problems with most exercise routines is that they are too intense. They may be fun for the first few days, soon you’re overwhelmed by fatigue, injury, or burnout.

Sound familiar?

Aerobic Exercise, on the other hand, is sustainable, effective, and enjoyable. It promotes physiological changes that help you to burn greater amounts of fat, give you more energy, and reduce stress and anxiety, making the experience of exercise far more enjoyable!

Clean, Healthy Nutrition Guidance

A nutrition plan does not need to be complex. Simplicity leads to success. It is possible to have a clean, healthy diet without the feeling of sacrifice. It takes understanding your body and learning the function each type of food has. Once we know the function of food, and begin to understand how your body responds, you can develop a sustainable nutrition plan that works well for you.*

*Extra Life Fitness does not employ licensed or certified dietitians/nutritionists, and does not offer medical advice or specific diet plans. Just simple, straightforward education for healthy habits.

Daily Mindfulness Practices to Keep You Grounded

Often neglected in fitness programs, the proper mindset is critical to a healthy lifestyle, if not the most important element of a health and wellness program. In XL TriFit, you’ll learn about mindfulness techniques to help manage anxiety and stress, improve focus and energy, overcome fear, and create a greater sense of peace and joy in your life.

Supportive Strength and Mobility Training

Improve your range of motion, strengthen your critical muscle groups, and keep yourself free from injury with triathlon specific strength and mobility exercises. 

Supportive strength and mobility is so important to a proper fitness plan, but less is often more! It’s important to strike the proper balance.

Exercise with a Purpose

What is your finish line?

Don’t just “do” the workouts, understand them. With daily and weekly assignments, videos, training modules, and more, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about the purpose of the workouts. Additionally, you’ll learn the basic concepts behind the nutrition protocol, mindfulness techniques, and physiological adaptations that occur within an effective training program.

Your transformation begins here! XL TriFit is NOT another extreme fitness program promoting “no pain, no gain.” It is a 12 week path to a sustainable and enjoyable fitness lifestyle. Join Extra Life Fitness and try XL TriFit and fall in love with fitness!

Happy Training!