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Extra Life Fitness is the only triathlon fitness company that provides simple and all-encompassing programs for complete newbies who want to level up their mindset, achieve their fitness and health goals, and live transformational lives in a time when triathlon fitness is possible for anyone, anywhere.

Extra Life TriFit Beginner Triathlete Platform

A First of It’s Kind Program for Absolute Beginners

As an newbie in the sport of triathlon, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, intimidated, or burned out. As a former beginner in the sport myself, I know how that is. Tapping into my personal experience going from complete non-athlete “newbie” to world championship qualifier, along with my years of experience helping beginners like yourself, I’ve created the Extra Life TriFit Platform to help beginners safely and sustainably become triathlon fit without the frustration or burnout! Enroll in Extra Life TriFit today and experience transformation through triathlon fitness!

Introducing The Extra Life TriFit Platform

Who says you have to suffer to succeed? Fitness does not have to be painful, soul crushing, and restrictive. Through triathlon, you can experience physical and mental transformation through simple mindset practices, easy exercise, and a healthy relationship with nutrition. Watch this promo video to learn more.

Case Study: Eric Beach Found FASTER With Extra Life TriFit

And you can too! Click to expand the link below to read about how Eric got fitter and faster with no pain or burnout!

  • “Let me tell you a little story. I’ve trained for around 5-6 years in endurance sport and have never stayed healthy and injury free. After Ironman WI on 2018, I barley trained. Old injuries kept flaring up. But something happened. My good friend @adamhilltri started a training platform called @extralifetri and asked if I’d like to join him and a few others to go through his begginers course. I was on board immediately!

    (My first run with) Extra Life’s 12 week program, I ran an average pace of 11:45 at an aerobic Heart of 141. (After I) completed the 12 weeks and continued to apply the lessons I learned during them, my aerobic run average mile pace was a 9:37 at an HR of 143!!!

    It took time, but I’m faster and free of pain… This is incredible and if you’re willing to go slow to go fast, I promise you’ll give yourself a shot at falling in love with a sport that hurt you in the past!”

10 Little Known Tips for Newbies to Conquer the Triathlon Swim

10 Little Known Tips for Beginners to Conquer the Triathlon Swim

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  • Ten of the most important tips and tricks new swimmers can leverage when beginning triathlon training and how they can help you physically level up, conquer the water with confidence, and cross that finish line on race day.
  • How you can transform both physically and mentally with triathlon training while finding a balance between hard work and having fun.
  • Why overcoming your challenges and completing a triathlon can positively impact every aspect of your life, beyond just race day.
  • PLUS access to weekly tips and strategies to level up your mindset, nutrition, and triathlon training through our newsletter.

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Adam Hill - Extra Life Fitness

One on One Coaching

Coach Adam Hill is available to train a limited number of athletes. To inquire about one on one coaching, please contact us. Space is limited, so Adam will only accept those who are committed!

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Here’s what some Extra Life athletes have said…

About Extra Life Founder, Adam Hill

Coach Adam Hill knows the science of transformation. Not only has he transformed his own life from unhealthy, unhappy, and full of fear to an elite Ironman triathlete, but has helped others achieve their own transformations. He has achieved multiple podium finishes and every distance, and has qualified for the Ironman World Championship.

Whether you’re looking for a rewarding and sustainable way to become fit and healthy, want to conquer fear, or desire to have the best triathlon season of your life, Adam and Extra Life Fitness can help you.

Adam Hill