Transformation Through Triathlon Fitness 

Sustainable World Class Fitness Simplified

About Coach Adam Hill

Coach Adam Hill knows the science of transformation. Not only has he transformed his own life from unhealthy, unhappy, and full of fear to an elite Ironman triathlete, but has helped others achieve their own transformations. He has achieved multiple podium finishes and every distance, and has qualified for the Ironman World Championship. Whether you’re looking for a rewarding and sustainable way to become fit and healthy, want to conquer fear, or desire to have the best triathlon season of your life, Adam and Extra Life Fitness can help you.

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Well Rounded Health and Fitness Comes From Three Simple Core Disciplines

Begin your journey to a new and exciting lifestyle of exceptional health & fitness. Explore the free resources below to learn the simple, safe, and effective training methods of the fittest people in the world. Start training today, and enjoy 2 free weeks of our XL TriFit beginner triathlon training plan with no obligation.

Clean Nutrition

Develop healthy diet habits to remain healthy, energetic, and functional

Aerobic Triathlon Fitness

Build Strength and Endurance Safely with the Simple Secrets of the World’s Fittest Athletes

Daily Mindfulness

Foster Calm and Confidence while bringing balance to your busy mind

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Why Triathlon Fitness?

There are many fitness programs in the world to choose from, but Triathlon Fitness is the most effective training program on the planet. Here’s why:

  • It’s fun! There’s no better way to get fit and healthy than to make it an adventure. Running races, making friends, enjoying the great outdoors, these are just some of the many ways that triathlon is a FUN sport!
  • It’s a foundation. The easy aerobic workouts combined with healthy, clean nutrition build a solid foundation for multitudes of other activities. Whether you want to stick with triathlon, become a surfer, or climb mountains, triathlon fitness will provide a strong base of fitness.
  • It’s sustainable. Most of us struggle with exercise programs because we lose interest, we burnout, we get injured, or it’s just not fun anymore. Easy, gradual routines help us to develop strength, speed, and endurance over time, and avoid unnecessary pain and burnout. Ditch the “no pain, no gain” mentality and build your fitness the right way, and the sustainable way. 
  • It’s variable. Swim, bike, run, strength. Four separate and distinct elements which not only help you to develop complete fitness, but keeps it interesting. 
  • It’s a tribe. What you’ll find in our community and within the triathlon community as a whole, is the most encouraging, supportive, positive, and inspiring athletes in the world… and you will become one of us! 
  • It’s achievable. Go to any triathlon race in the world and witness athletes who have overcome tremendous challenge to become their best selves. Triathlon is one of the only sports in the world where amateurs get to share a race course with the pros. It’s one of the only sports in the world where the last place finisher is just as happy as first place! Anyone can do it, and I invite you to discover the passion I found for triathlon fitness and join our community!

We Have Options! Choose the Best Plan for You

  • Join our Community for Ongoing Support! Team Extra Life - $19.99/month

    Triathlon fitness is not just a fitness program, it’s a lifestyle! Whether you’re just starting out, or ready to start training smart, this is the perfect program to get you on track and build sustainable fitness, develop valuable skills, imprint the habits, and form the community to make you successful. We’ve incorporated the best practices to keep you committed and engaged in your health and fitness. Join our community to get access to our Beginner 12 Week TriFit Program, valuable tips and training tools, powerful mindfulness techniques, and a network of support and community!
  • One on One Coaching with Adam Hill (by Application Only)

    Are you looking to level up your triathlon training? Coach Adam has helped many athletes achieve their very best, from first time 70.3 and Ironman finishes, to podiums. He has a proven track record of experience, consistently achieving podium results, and qualifying for the Ironman and 70.3 World Championships.
  • Triathlon Training Plans

    Are you self guided and looking for a standalone training plan? We are constantly developing new plans for sale!
  • 9 Month "Idle to Iron" Training Plan (Coming Soon!)

    9 Month "Idle to Iron" Training Plan (Coming Soon!)

    Do you dream of one day finishing an Ironman triathlon? Are you unsure where to start? What if I told you that with disciplined effort, you could cross an Ironman finish line in less than a year? Now it’s possible with our “Idle to Ironman” training plan!
  • XL TriFit Beginner Triathlon Program - $149.99

    We have created a comprehensive triathlon fitness program with one goal in mind – To give the beginner access to achievable world class fitness as simply and effectively as possible. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will develop healthy habits and discipline through easy aerobic training, simple nutrition, and daily mindfulness to improve body composition, get healthy and energetic, and find joy. Followed with consistency, by the end of this program you will be able to complete a sprint triathlon and will be ready to train for more finish lines, like the Ironman triathlon!

Here’s what some Extra Life athletes have said…


  • “Adam proved to be the coach for me not for the promise of athletic greatness, but because he understood the importance of the mental aspect in my training. He made training for Ironman become a platform for my own growth and healing. Adam knows how help you reach your goals whether you’re an elite athlete or someone who is ready to take back control of their life.”

    Eric Beach
    Ironman: Quest for Kona Season 1 Cast Member
    Multiple Ironman Finisher
  • “Working with Adam broadened me even further than I had imagined. He is very well learned, compassionate and comprehensive in his approach. My overall health, well-being, feeling of strength and balance, self-confidence and belief that anything is possible has improved dramatically. Specific training techniques as well as attention to nutrition, breathing exercises, and mindfulness have had tremendously positive effects. Adam is not only willing and eager to share his proven methods for success, he is willing to be bold and apply his expertise in both known ways, as well as new ways, and explore helping you reach your full potential – often exceeding what you thought that might be. I am fitter and even slightly faster now than I was in my prime, running marathons 22 years ago!”

    Dave Mauerman
    First Time Ironman Finisher, Ironman Wisconsin
    Multiple Marathon finisher
  • “Adam is a phenomenal coach and a triathlon ambassador. He possesses that rare combination of knowledge, experience and passion that helps athletes grow, learn and achieve their dreams. The best decision I made before tackling my first 70.3 half-Ironman was having Adam in my corner.”

    Ernesto Leon
    First Time Ironman 70.3 Finisher, Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa
  • “Contemplating how I was going to train for a full ironman was a bit overwhelming given my sporadic work schedule and long hours as an emergency veterinarian. Adam not only worked with me on my schedule but made it feasible to achieve the workouts he had planned. I was introduced to the Maffetone method, which made the training sustainable and allowed me to not “burn out”. He was flexible and answered questions when I didn’t know the ‘why’ to the workout, which helped me train with intention. It wasn’t easy, but it helped me stay committed to my goal of finishing my first full ironman! My goal time was under 12 hours, and I achieved an 11:24 thanks to Adam’s training plan and a good race day.”

    Stefanie Owczarczak
    First Time Ironman Finisher, Ironman Arizona
    Half Ironman Podium Finisher, Ironman 70.3 Superfrog
  • “I’ve never felt better physically (and mentally) than when I was training with Adam and Extra life Tri fitness. I really enjoyed working with Adam and am looking forward to signing up with him again next season as I move toward my goal of completing a full Ironman race!”

    John Ladd
    Ironman 70.3 Finisher, Ironman Santa Cruz