Aerobic Fitness Simple and Effective Triathlon Fitness for Strength and Endurance

The best way to build fitness safely and effectively is to establish a solid aerobic engine. To do so involves consistent and disciplined training at low intensity.

Train Slow and Easy – Get Stronger and Faster

Learn more about the individual triathlon disciplines below


Swimming is such a wonderful cardiovascular workout because it is low impact, and often very refreshing! Learn about what type of swimmer you are, overcome swim anxiety, and then take the next step on your fitness journey!


Cycling is one of the most effective aerobic workouts in the world. It’s a low impact way to enjoy the world around you! It can also be intimidating. Learn some tips on how to begin your cycling adventure safely.


Think that you hate running? Think again! Most people who think that they dislike running are actually running too fast. Running at an easy, meditative pace is one of the best workouts for your body and mind.


Any strong aerobic foundation is reinforced with a strength training program. You don’t need to pump iron to get the strength you need. We’ll teach you how to incorporate a “less is more” strength training strategy to maximize your training time.