Extra Life TriFit Bike

Riding a bike can be one of the most exciting things you can do for exercise. It’s exhilarating to be riding at 20 miles per hour down the road, wind in your face, rush of adrenaline pouring through your veins.

Also it’s easy, right? After all, that’s the common phrase we use to describe something easy, “it’s just like riding a bike!”

That being said, it can also be quite intimidating to begin riding a bike as an adult. The thought of riding on the road next to cars, “clipping in” to pedals, or riding among other cyclists dressed in technical grade lycra can cause tremendous anxiety! However it doesn’t have to. Like any challenge, it can all be approached by taking small steps.

Cycling is the discipline in triathlon which will build your endurance the fastest and most effectively. There is very little, if any impact effect on the joints, which means that it can be sustained for longer periods of time. After building a solid base of fitness, cyclists can ride for hours, which increases their endurance dramatically.

Getting to Know Your Bike

Videos on Basic Bike Mechanics