How to Get Started in Triathlon

How to Get Started in Triathlon Video #5: Train Easy, Get Fit! Sustainable Aerobic Fitness

We’ve all been there. We have a burning desire to get fit and healthy, to get ripped abs, to run 7 minute miles. The problem is that many people buy into the philosophy that exercise has to “hurt” in order to be effective. Because “no pain, no gain,” right?


One of the reasons many people fail at achieving their fitness and health goals is because they burn out – or worse, get injured – on high intensity exercise. The simple solution is easy, aerobic endurance training.

Training easy is counter intuitive, but highly effective, especially for triathlon training. And the great thing is that it is perfect for anybody, especially beginners! It develops a foundation of aerobic fitness that allows us to build strength, speed, and endurance. The benefits include higher energy, reduced stress/anxiety, improved mental capacity, weight control, and more joy. Not to mention achieving the benefits of participating in a sport – triathlon – that brings incredible fulfillment and a healthy lifestyle.

The secret to sustainable fitness does not come from a 12 week high intensity, complex training plan. It comes from simple, easy, aerobic training. Train easy, get fit, get fast!