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How to Get Started in Triathlon Video #4: Simplifying Nutrition

For all the complexity surrounding a proper “diet”, a sustainable healthy nutrition strategy can be summarized with this simple statement: Eat more natural foods that are as close as possible to being enriched by the sun in the soil, and fewer foods that go through a factory or laboratory process.

This simple (but not necessarily “easy”) change in habit will produce an exceptionally healthy lifestyle. No counting calories, no restricting macros, no fasting, no magic pill, no need for “cheat days,” no beating ourselves up for slipping, no unnecessary complexity that overwhelmingly leads people who are desperate to find a healthy solution into a viscous cycle of yo-yo dieting. Just predominantly healthy, whole foods.

It’s not about having the willpower to restrict certain foods from our diet. That can be as dangerous as a junk food diet. It’s about developing a healthy relationship with food. Don’t diet… I repeat: DO NOT DIET! Instead, fall in love with basic healthy natural foods, and you will change your life.

Simple is sustainable… and sustainable is successful.