Extra Life Fitness - How to Get Started in Triathlon

Why Triathlon is the Most Effective and Rewarding Fitness Program on the Planet

I want to start a conversation about getting started in triathlon. In my experience, I’ve found that this sport is the most effective and rewarding “fitness program” on the planet… yet many have the underlying belief that the barrier to entry into this wonderful sport is very high, or insurmountable.

As those of us who participate in triathlon know, nothing could be further from the truth.

This is the first of a multi-part series on how to get started in triathlon. I want to try to dispel some of the myths and eliminate some of the barriers associated with the sport. Over the course of these videos, I’ll talk about overcoming the most difficult part of the sport of triathlon: Getting started.

For years, I was intimidated by triathlon. I believed that it was an exclusive sport reserved only for those with amazing genetics, a massive bank account, or a propensity toward the extreme. I believed that if I dragged my unhealthy, overweight physique into a bike shop or triathlon club meeting, I would be laughed out of the room, or at best told that this was probably not the best place for me.

When I finally found the courage to take a step into this unknown world, I found that my beliefs were unfounded and far from the truth. Triathlon turned out to be life-changing. It turned out to be welcoming, passion inspiring, and tremendously rewarding. Because of it, my health, confidence, and sense of fulfillment have never been greater.

Before jumping into how to get started, in this first video I give a few reasons why triathlon is the most effective and rewarding fitness program on the planet. The reasons I list are:

1. It’s sustainable
2. It’s achievable (achievement oriented vs. simply results oriented).
3. It’s a foundation
4. It pushes us beyond our perceived limits
5. It provides variety
6. It’s a tribe
7. It’s fun

In future videos in this series, I will get into how to make the decision and commit, goal setting, the importance of simplicity, simple and sustainable nutrition, the power of easy aerobic fitness, how to make triathlon affordable, and empowering mindset practices.

I’d also love to hear your stories. How did you get started in triathlon? Or if you’ve not yet started, what’s holding you back? What are some of the barriers to entry you’re experiencing?